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Psychosynthesis and Internal Family Systems (IFS) Informed therapy

You may have arrived here today as something in your life isn’t serving you currently. Perhaps anxiety just feels too overwhelming right now? Low mood has shut down your motivation or maybe its long standing pain you carry in the shadows?

Symptoms of fear and sadness do not have to be a sign that we are not coping , instead these feelings can be a valuable messages that somethings not ok and wants your attention. Are you listening to the subtle messages your body and psyche are trying to communicate to you?

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Psychosynthesis Counselling LDN | Kindred Spirit Counselling

About me

Hello, my name is Marie.  I am a BACP registered Psychosynthesis and Internal Family Systems informed counsellor. I am based in East Sussex and London.

I hold a (BSc) Degree in Psychology, (PgCert) CBT inter, (PGDip) Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling and I am Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed. I am also a member of the BACP.

Psychosynthesis supports transformation encouraging our fullest realisation of ourselves to be met.

My most integral training to date has been my own therapy journey where I have processed a lot trauma and can safely say I am now stepping into self mastery. This is invaluable in supporting you stepping into yours.

The Way I Work.

I work within a person centred framework.  Simply put this means that positive change is possible if a person feels respected, understood and accepted.

Many of the pains and sufferings we experience are a result of hiding parts of ourselves because we fear that we will be rejected if these parts are seen.

All of us have urges, feelings and thoughts that we don’t want others to know about.  The problem is that the more we repress of ourselves the more prone we are to experiences like depression and anxiety.

In counselling we’ll explore what goes on in you beneath the public facade with the aim of bringing awareness, acceptance and love to all parts of you.  This process can be challenging as well as deeply healing

I have great respect for the inner wisdom of my clients and so will encourage you to lead the sessions with the issues that feel most important to you.

In the sessions we may:

  • Explore past relationships and experiences to see how they influence your present.  

  • Find creative ways to help you feel and express your full range of emotions. 

  • Sense into the body to feel and release painful sensations.

  • Explore challenging day to day issues.

I believe that to lead a happy and meaningful life, a connection to spirituality is important.  Where appropriate I will support you to explore and connect with your own sense of Self using meditations and visualisation tools.

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Therapy for the Soul

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I offer a warm, confidential and supportive place for you to talk about the things that are most important to you. Together we will explore what is troubling you, to ease the pain and address the underlying causes. 

While I work with a wide range of clients and issues my special interests are in:

Anxiety and depression


Attachment trauma 



Self esteem and shame

Spiritual awakening 

Dark night of the soul 

Counselling with me offers support and kinship as we explore personal challenges with compassion and curiosity.  You don’t have to suffer alone.

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"Your task is not to seek for love, but  merely to seek and find the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."


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Psychosynthesis Trust 92-94 Tooley St, London


St Leonard’s Studio CIC Azur Marina Pavilion, St Leonard’s on Sea, TN38 0DD


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